Qui Je Suis

Hi, I’m Jessye Scott!

I spent the last four years living and studying in Tallahassee (where I did cool things like read my writing at the Word of South Festival and work as the poetry editor of The Kudzu Review), before I graduated and moved back to my hometown.When I first left school I had no idea what I wanted to do (much like millions of other millennials). And when you’re transitioning to another chapter of your life, that’s all anyone wants to talk about: What’s your next step?


Currently, I’m frantically applying for jobs in an attempt to cement myself as a real-life adult. With so many big decisions ahead (not to mention the inevitable pull towards MFA programs, and the A+ writing samples they require):

  1. Take my writing samples from “I should have majored in business” to “Not entirely hopeless.
  2. Find my passion project in life, and attempt to get paid for doing it?
  3. Save up enough money to afford another two years of school???

In the meantime, hopefully I’ll do something exciting at some point (otherwise I’ll just be writing endless lists about what I did in high school….again).

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to check out my website at jessyescott.com!

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