How to Succeed at Building a Website

{Multiple choice section}

1. What big change happened in your life this weekend?

A. I got a full-time job.

B. My skin finally cleared up and I look as expensive as a Kardashian.

C. Another short story got published.

D. I taught myself how to host a website and spent several days designing my new blog and website!

2. How did you accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?

A. Through sheer force of will.

B. I spent an entire day researching and watching tutorials online.

C. I lied above and tricked someone (most likely my father) into doing it for me.

D. Websites aren’t real, as we exist in a Matrix-like false reality.

3. You have a fancy online presence now…but what’s next?

A. I’ve never been more unsure in my life.

B. I’m moving to Iowa, where I will sneak into their writing workshops until they cave and let me join the MFA program for free.

C. I’m getting Arby’s for dinner!

D. Websites still aren’t real, as we are currently in a computer.


{Short response section}

4. How were you, someone who isn’t sure how to pronounce Linux or MySQL, able to finally figure out how to run a website? 
I bought the jessyescott.com domain about a year ago after listening to a motivational speech about branding yourself. Back then, I thought this was the only step required to launching a website. Soon after I realized that was completely wrong and then moved on to an easier task (binge-watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and eating jalapeno chips).
As it turns out, there are so many resources available! I found an article that walked me through the entire process step-by-step (“How to Set Up a WordPress Website from Scratch,” by Nate Shivar) and watched hours of tutorials when attempting to design the final product. As happy as I am that I’ve conquered this task, I wish I hadn’t backed away so easily when I got overwhelmed a year ago.

5. But why did it take so long? What was stopping you from accomplishing such a mundane task in 2016?

I’ve always been surrounded by people who are good with computers (my dad, my brother, my boyfriend) so whenever there was a problem with WiFi or a jammed CD drive I had someone to ask. It’s just like my relationship with cars; there was always someone to run to (my dad, guy friends, my boss at work) whenever I had a flat tire or weird sound coming from the engine. I didn’t even consider that I might be able to handle these problems on my own, let alone enjoy fixing them!

6. That’s great, but why did you format this blog post like a test?

Because part of this year was spent teaching 8th grade English, and I want to prove that I took away something relevant to the rest of my life. And tests are fun!

7. No…they’re not.

For the teachers, they are.

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